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NHL Rumors: What’s The Number One Of Leon Draisaitl’s Contract Extension?

TSN: Frankie Corrado on TSN talks about Leon Draisaitl’s next big contract. How big does it get?

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Host: “Toronto now has four of the top 12 offense in the league right now with four points to your point Frankie. At the very top of that list, of course, is Auston Matthews at $13.25 million. So that brings me now to Leon Draisaitl. Should his next deal surpass Matthews as the highest paid player in the league?

Corrado: “It’s definitely worth it. And this is how the league works. Total salaries are increasing, some players’ contracts are expiring and Leon Draisaitl will be getting a big raise. His raise starts at $13.25 and the conversation goes up from there.

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We’re talking about a guy who scored 50 goals three times. Five times in his career he has had more than 100 points including the last three seasons, and he has been one of the best players we have seen in the NHL in recent years.

So yes, Leon Draisaitl’s new contract, because the cap is going up, because of the success he had in the regular season in the playoffs, should exceed Austin Matthews’ $13.25 (million). The question becomes, how high does it go? How much will the Edmonton Oilers be able to afford?

You know, but actually when it comes down to it it looks like Nathan MacKinnon, Connor McDavid. You know Connor McDavid signed his contract before Nathan MacKinnon. Nathan McKinnon came in at $12.6 (million), McDavid at $12.5 (million).

NHL Rumors: When Will Leon Draisaitl Sign?

Austin Matthews has his deal at $13.25 (million). That’s the beginning. The question is how much higher is Leon Draisaitl’s contract than Austin Matthews?

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