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NHL Rumors: Who’s Still on the Goalie Market

Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman on the Jeff Marek Show talking about the goaltending market and who to watch.

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Marek: “Kemper is gone. Markstrom is gone. We’ll see about Ullmark.

Friedman: “I’m going to throw another name out there, and it’s John Gibson. And I think there are groups…

Marek: “I believe that.”

Friedman: .. looking at Gibson. I think Jersey does, but it’s obviously off the table now. I don’t know if that’s equivalent in Ottawa.

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But the thing I have, the thing I’ve heard about Gibson is that Anaheim isn’t crazy about keeping money there.

Marek: “I believe that.”

Friedman: “That will be difficult.

And I will say this, the other team and we won’t know what he’s thinking because he just doesn’t like to touch his hand, but I suspect Detroit is in this goaltending market to some degree.

Marek: “So you see that’s interesting because it seems so big and I was doing this a minute ago, and I’m doing it, like there’s another word here that I’m surprised by. Although that would leave the team without a goaltender as the other is a UFA with the Pittsburgh Penguins and Tristan Jarry. (The Penguins re-signed Alex Nedelkovic after the division aired)

But doesn’t it feel like Kuemper’s gone, Markstrom’s gone, the music is starting to soften and you know, not everybody’s going to be able to have a seat here at this one.

Yeah, I think there’s a risk to that but if you’ve got one of the guys standing, then you feel good about it. I am, and very much so, as I said Toronto was to Markstrom. I know there is a lot that connects you to Laurent Brossoit, which I think is true.

I’m also wondering, another guy I’m wondering about from Toronto is Anthony Stolarz, who’s here in Florida. I don’t know what the future holds for him, but he was very good this year. And I’ve like, I had one boss say to me when Stolarz came in, in game 4 and he got bombed. He goes, he just sent a message, he goes, I hope that really kills his value because we really love him. So, I said, I had a good laugh at that.

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Marek: “Old London. Maybe he goes wherever Mark Hunter ends up. Old London Knight goalkeeper there. We’ll see, we’ll see, the mumble cries.

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