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Paul George honors Kobe Bryant by choosing the number 8 jersey in Philadelphia

After seeing Paul George flash his new 76ers jersey this weekend, we can’t tell much of a difference since his former club uses a different green and red. However, what we could not close our eyes to is that the former star of the Clippers chose number 8 next season, as a tribute to his idol Kobe Bryant.

This means that for the first time since 2015, Paul will not be wearing his usual number 13. This also does not mean that the veteran did not ask for his national jersey number, but he found out that it had been retired. a long time to remember the famous great man Wilt Chamberlain.

The 34-year-old then recalled that the “Black Mamba” was born in Philadelphia and began his professional career at Lower Merion High School before being drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers in the 90s.

As George recalls, Kobe wore the number 8 jersey during his first decade in California. “I had to do it. Hey man, I’m in Philly,” he said on his podcast this weekend. “My way of serving Kobe.”

Despite this symbolic gesture, he admitted that there was another reason behind not pursuing the 13 jersey in Philly. She told the podcast hosts that her three-year-old son Paul Vuk George can’t pronounce properly. “My son does not know that he is 13 years old,” he said. “So you say 14.”

That’s why the Clippers man knew that his previous number was not intended, and even considered 25 and 31 as other options, which were the numbers he wore in high school. “It’s good to have those moments where, when you look at that jersey … ‘Yeah, this is what I’m wearing,'” Paul said.

Five years ago, the Los Angeles franchise invested in bringing in Paul George and Kawhi Leonard, but this summer his former teammate decided to continue his basketball career in Philly. During Team USA’s practice, the veteran was asked how he felt about this, but he declined to answer.

Leonard later clarified that he has no problem with his teammates going to play with the 76ers, but he just wants the questions to be about the 2024 Olympic Games.

New teammate Joel Embiid couldn’t hide his excitement over Paul’s trade and called him an “awesome” fit for Philly.

76ers star Joel Embiid was asked about his team’s newest signing and how free agent acquisition Paul George will fit into Philadelphia this upcoming campaign. The player, who is currently focused on the Team USA camp, immediately smiled before answering.

“Yes, I think so, it looks amazing,” he said in an interview SportsCenter. “It’s great, especially when you have a big … I don’t like to call myself a big, but when you have a player who writes and a little bit like that, you need to have serious shooters and guys who are not there. I’m afraid to pull the trigger.”

The former league MVP then realized that the Sixers’ lack of success had weighed heavily on him, and he can’t wait to take the pressure off when the NBA resumes in October this year.

“I’d be lying if I said patience wasn’t tested,” Embiid admitted. “Because I’m in a situation where there are no awards, no regular season or All-NBA or All-Stars is going to change the way my legacy is. However, there are few things that can change us, but the important thing is the competition.”

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