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Post Combine Intel; Bronny James went to the Lakers?

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(Purdue: Center, Senior, 7-4)

Previous level: 21 (-) / Best rate: 14 / Worst rate: NR

The Pelicans have many offseason items on their agenda, including balancing Brandon Ingram commercial market, finding a place for an institution Jonas Valanciunasexpected to leave in free agency, and more, as noted on a recent episode of the HoopsHype Pelicans podcast.

In this comprehensive draft update, the Pelicans get a center for the two-year National Player of the Year Zach Edey.

When asked what it was like to compete with Edey for the National Championship, UConn revealed being a lottery pick Donovan Clingan gave a detailed assessment report when asked what stuck with him about Edey.

“His size, strength, physicality, and he hits the ball,” Clingan replied. “He is a great player. He is tall and strong. It is difficult to remove him from the post. He rebounds the ball at both ends at a high level. It was really hard to play against him. I want to compete with the best in the top division, so to be able to compete against Zach was an honor.”

While Clingan gave a positive scouting report, there are misconceptions about Edey’s game that he tried to dispel during the pre-draft process.

“When you see someone who is 7-foot-4, 300 pounds, you think some things like he can’t move his feet, he can’t shoot, he can’t walk, and you think he’s prone to injuries, but I think I can do a lot of things that people don’t think I can do,” he said. Edey playing at the NBA Draft Combine. “I think I can move my feet and shoot the ball. People who are usually 7-foot-4 can’t make free throws. I can do that. I can do things that people don’t expect.”

Among the things Edey wants to show NBA teams is that he is a better shooter than people realize.

“I think I need to show people that I can shoot the way I believe I can shoot,” said Edey. “I think, for the most part, teams know what I’m good for. Groups have more films for me. Obviously, I think I’m faster than teams think I am. I think I can shoot better than teams think I can shoot.”

When asked if he believes his current draft range is the HoopsHype, Edey answered between 10 to 25, and if this pick holds, it would make sense for a center to hurt.

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