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Prospect Stories: The Secret List Volume 2: Jason Born Again

Graduated from Stash List Volume 1: Skenes The Mountain: Paul Skenes (1), Christian Scott (6), Joey Loperfido (7), Kyle Manzardo (8)

Jackson Holliday is not on this list. One of the few rules I’ve used here is that if you’re a major leaguer in the current season, you’re off the roster. Holiday cashed those big league game checks, so he won’t be represented here. Neither will Tyler Black even though I’m writing this part on Friday and I’m thinking about her name Rebecca.

1. Tribes of James Wood | 21 | AAA

This is exciting, huh? In Washington’s defense, Wood appears to have a little bounce in his approach, and he’s still young in a baseball sense. But the growth he’s made in such a short period of time makes me feel like he’ll be good right away, especially because he’ll make an impact whenever he connects, even if he struggles to connect at times. After all, the man is slashing .344/.443/.552 with five homers and nine steals.

2. Rays 3B Junior Caminero | 20 | AAA

In his last ten games, Caminero is slashing .381/.422/.714 with an 11.1 percent slugging percentage. His season numbers are equally impressive. Tampa’s offense was not good. He hopes this is his last time on the list.

3. Yankees BY Jason Dominguez | 21 | Il

Earlier this week, Aaron Boone said Dominguez would begin rehab in “just two weeks.” I didn’t really know where to put him here, but he has hit four home runs in just eight big league games. In other news, Mars will go retrograde later this year.

4. Orioles 3B Coby Mayo | 22 | AAA

Baltimore is playing Jorge Mateo badly, and that’s fine, but I’m going to go ahead and suggest they move Jordan Westburg at second and play Mayo at third. He is hitting .295/.366/.609 with 12 home runs and three stolen bases in 37 games. That’s about a 50 homer, 10 steal pace. What do you say? Coby struggled a bit in May. Well, I think a shooting star’s prospects can be shaky when their setup doesn’t make sense given the results they’ve been producing. Everyone is different, and Mayo just hit another home run on Friday night, with three hits and a walk, so it’s not like he’s falling. I’m just worried, and I’d be worried about how I fit into that infield if I’m in the Mayo cabinet.

5. Blue Jays 3B Orelvis Martinez | 22 | AAA

This guy is always in my suspicious mind. I have moved. Come on, Toronto, don’t be cruel. You have a problem with guilt. The batsmen look like they have the flu. Let’s have less talk and more action. It’s now or never.

6. Tigers 3B Jace Jung | 23 | AAA

Now a full-time hot corner, Jung is slashing .282/.400|.524 with six home runs in 35 games. The Cats and Cats play Matt Vierling, who is a good enough hitter (109 wRC+) but had a bad mistake on Friday and might be better employed in the outfield.

7. Cubs RHP Cade Horton | 22 | AAA

Triple-A was not kind to Horton, who walked eight batters and allowed two home runs and eight runs in seven innings at the level. He has 11 strikeouts though, and no one will care about his Triple-A results once he makes it to the majors.

8. Victor Mesa Jr.’s Marlins | 22 | AAA

It could go either way here, but I’m starting to think Miami might just let Mesa Plateau down to Triple-A while their big league season is in flames. Max Meyer’s Triple-A ERA is 9.24 in four innings, so he may also be farmed out longer than I previously suspected. I hate it, because it’s worth it, to demote a guy to “protect” his arm or park a running back in the minors because your big team isn’t a rich breeding ground yet. The Mesa thing makes more sense than the Meyer thing, for what Werth is. He’s never been a great hitter, and there’s no rush, but I just can’t imagine what Meyer’s mind must be right now. He throws innings but not big league innings because that’s better for him, long term.

9. Tigers RHP Jackson Jobe | 21 | AA IL

Sent to the seven-day injured list on May 2 with a hamstring strain.

10. Diamondbacks 1B Andres Chaparro | 25 | AAA

Sometimes you look at a guy’s Wins Above Replacement, and his number calls the whole practice into question. Eugenio Suarez was worth 3.3 WAR according to Fangraphs last year while hitting .232/.323/.391 with 22 home runs and a 30.8% slugging rate. He played in all 162 games, so that’s a fly in the ointment, and he was worth 10 defensive runs, which isn’t bad considering his career results. His previous high was a 5.8 run defense in 2017, when Suarez was 25, but Fangraphs would have us believe he was twice as good as a 31-year-old after posting 0.3 last year and -3.4 the year before that. I mean, it happens, but these defensive metrics are so all over the place I’d have to watch every game of each season to believe them.

Wow, it was a long task to say the least Andres Chaparro he’s doing what he does in Triple-A, slashing .340/.419/.617 with nine home runs and a 10.6 to 16.9 percent walk rate. If you’ve been around long enough, you know that I love this guy and for a long time I couldn’t understand why he’s such a rational person. The club has an option on Suarez for $15 million in 2025 after paying him nearly $11 million this year. At 3.3 WAR, that’s a gain, but Suarez has currently posted a .297 OBP and 86 wRC+ with three home runs in 38 games.

To be fair, the Serpents were playing Chaparro mostly at 1B and DH. He hit clean as the DH on Friday night and hit two home runs. With Christian Walker and Joc Pederson at those spots, Chappy could be stuck if the team doesn’t want to try him at third base, but if he gets the chance, I’ll want him on all my teams.

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