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The “State of Hockey” has officially been put on the women’s hockey map this season. An up-and-down season for PWHL Minnesota ended with them being the first-ever Walter Cup champions. Now, the second PWHL Draft and the first PWHL Awards ceremony will be held in St.

Not only will the state of Minnesota be in the running to host, but there are also 11 Minnesota natives hoping to be selected in the draft. With PWHL Minnesota being the Walter Cup champions, many eyes will be on them for their pick, just like last season when they picked Taylor Heise. PWHL New York will have the first overall pick, followed by PWHL Ottawa and then PWHL Minnesota in third place. After them, PWHL Boston, PWHL Montréal, and PWHL Toronto will be last as they finished first in points in the regular season.

“I think it’s a very exciting time for women’s hockey, and I’m excited for the opportunity to play in the league,” said Izzy Daniel during a press conference before the draft. He will be one of 167 players hoping to secure one of the 42 open spots in the program. We’ll take a look at Minnesota’s options and who they should select next Monday evening, June 10, when they hunt for players to add to their team that will defend the Walter Cup Championship. This won’t match their selection, but they can pick these players in any round, starting with center.

PWHL Minnesota Could Use Gosling

Every team needs at least one solid center, and while PWHL Minnesota has a few good centers this season, and the uncertainty of who will stay and who will go, it wouldn’t hurt for them to pick up someone like Julia Gosling. He’s a strong, confident center who would suit PWHL Minnesota, and he’s undersized. From the way each player in the undrafted media talked about the body of the league, the big player could not be hurt, and he seems to be playing like Grace Zumwinkle, which would make him a good addition.

“I would say that I am a striker with 200 meters forward. “I’m very tall and I have a very good shot, so whenever I can get that shot off, I’m a big threat and just drive pucks to the net, get in front of the net, but also take care of the zone and come back and be a scout and help out there because I don’t like to get hit.” said Gosling when asked about his performance.

When he was a 200 meter power forward, it was a style of player that PWHL Minnesota could use. Although they have great speed and finesse, they could use more power and someone who can play both ends of the rink and not focus on one. They have good forwards and defenders, but having a bit of both in a player is always good.

PWHL Minnesota Needs Boreen

After watching Abby Boreen play 10 days with PWHL Minnesota this season, it’s safe to assume they want her back. He is a strong, fast skater who can move well, unlike any other player. He is a great puck mover, and it would be great to see him play a full season with that talent. He fits the team, and being part of the tournament makes him more important to them.

THW PWHL 2024 Draft Coverage (Hockey Writers)

“Obviously it was a very exciting time. I’m honored to be a part of it and obviously, being a part of Team Minnesota winning the Walter Cup in the first season, I think there’s a lot of excitement about women’s hockey right now in the state of Minnesota, so from there. idea, I think this framework will have very good results. The fans can come and experience it with us, but yes, our team said we played like we were on a world tour after winning the Cup. I mean, it was really special the amount of support we got; we have been recognized in many different sports events, we are still recovering from it…,” said Boreen winning the Walter Cup and the upcoming Draft.

PWHL Minnesota will likely select Boreen as they have had him on their team and know his abilities. Hopefully, PWHL Minnesota fans will see him in a Minnesota jersey again.

PWHL Minnesota Likely Takes Bilka

The final pick we’ll look at is one of The Athletic’s Mock Draft picks for Hailey Salvian who she thinks PWHL Minnesota will take with their first round pick. That player is left winger Hannah Bilka, and according to Salvian, she could be a huge asset as “She’s really creative and smooth with the puck and has game-breaking speed” (from ‘PWHL Mock Draft: Sarah Fillier goes No. 1 to New York , but what’s next next?’, Athletic06/06/2024).

“Bilka is like being shot out of a cannon, he is quick, quick, he is not moving, he is very creative, you will get a lot of intelligence from him and he can put it in the net. He is a very special player; he works really hard, and any team would be very lucky to have him,” said Cayla Barnes of her friend and former teammate Bilka who will also participate in the PWHL Draft.

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Anytime you hear “cannon shot” as a description of someone’s play, you know you won’t be disappointed. For someone not familiar with Bilka’s game, I hope they pick him up because he sounds like a fun and dynamic player who would fit in well in PWHL Minnesota.

The PWHL Draft Is Upon Us

While it appears that a few high picks have been received, as this is only the second draft in PWHL history, anything is possible. The NHL Draft may seem fairly predictable, but they have had some surprises in the past few seasons, and PWHL Minnesota may surprise everyone. It will be interesting to see who they choose to fill their team, and any of these players could be suitable options, as would be the case with many Minnesota natives on the list, including Izzy Daniel.

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