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Reports suggest that LeBron James has nothing to do with JJ Redick’s hiring

Sources from all corners of the internet announced that the Lakers signed JJ Redick, who played in the NBA for 15 years, to a four-year contract last Thursday, giving him his first major league coaching job at any position. Now, let’s talk about the elephant in the room: did LeBron James have a hand in the former player’s signing?

According to multiple reports, the NBA’s oldest player was not involved in the hiring of the new purple and gold coach, as the champion had not “discussed” with the franchise’s front office regarding the decision.

“There was no discussion between LeBron James and Jeanie Buss or Rob Pelinka or Kurt Rambis or anyone else when it came to the Lakers’ decision makers about JJ Redick as a candidate, about Dan Hurley as a candidate, about anybody else. ,” Dave McMenamin told ESPN SportsCenter.

The insider said that the striker deliberately shut himself off from the conversation. “He came out of this program, he informed the Lakers through his representatives that the team and the organization should do what they see fit at this moment and going forward, because the chances are there, the person they hire will be with the Lakers beyond the days of LeBron James as a player,” he stressed.

However, McMenamin said that the star’s non-involvement in the program somehow represented his stamp of approval on the team’s decision. “Now that being said, there was a tacit approval of JJ Redick because he decided to do it Watch the Game podcast with him,” said the insider.

It appears that JJ’s hiring is met with optimistic eyes around the Los Angeles locker room, as star player Austin Reaves also had a say in his new coach. According to the young guard, the former sports commentator is “a basketball genius.”

“I’ve gotten to know JJ a little bit, going on his podcast in the middle of the year,” the Lakers player recently told Arkansas’ Cierra Clark. THV11. “He’s a great basketball player, I think as everyone knows, and I think he’s going to be a great coach and I can’t wait to work with him.”

According to Reaves, he has received a text from his new coach asking him to have his first official meeting with the rest of the team.

If there is still any doubt about the authenticity of Redick’s recruitment, his student Austin Reaves confirmed the news by revealing that his coach sent him a message this weekend with a request to “get on the phone.”

“I can’t wait to put our brains together, and let’s go and have a good year,” said the Lakers player, although the Los Angeles club had previously pursued UConn coach Dan Hurley, who turned down the gold-and-gold offer. six-year, $70 million deal.

Even though Redick was not the first choice for the Lakers, many league insiders such as Shams Charania and Amick Buha reported that Anthony Davis and “other key players were in favor of the hire.”

After joining the new coach’s podcast not too long ago, Reaves appears to be one of those players who supports the front office’s decision. “He’s got s–t in you… he’s naturally ash–e,” Redick said back in December about Austin’s style of play. As Reaves agreed, the host then added: “Just so you know, when I refer to a person as ash—yes, it’s a good thing. It is the highest praise.”

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