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Ricky Ponting reveals the key reasons behind India’s struggle to win ICC trophies

Ricky Pontingrespected Australian captain, shared his details IndiaIt is a long-term struggle to defend the ICC trophies despite the abundance of talented cricketers and world stars.

India’s problems in winning ICC trophies

Despite having deep talent and the strong support of the world’s richest cricket board, India have faced difficulties in securing ICC trophies at the senior men’s level in the last decade.

Their last ICC victory came in the Champions Trophy in 2013. Since then, while India have performed exceptionally well in the group stages and league rounds of ICC events, they have faltered at key moments, losing several times in the finals and semi-finals throughout. all three formats of the game since 2014.

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Ricky Ponting’s view on India’s medal drought

Ponting, currently commenting in New York on ICC T20 World Cup 2024highlighted India’s struggle to manage pressure during crucial stages of ICC tournaments.

In an interview with PTI, Ponting emphasized the importance of maintaining a clear mind and focus amid external pressures, especially as teams move towards the business end of the tournament. He stressed the importance of dealing with pressure and navigating through challenging situations, citing it as a key factor in deciding whether to win or lose in T20 cricket.

“You have to try and keep a clear mind where you can focus on the work you are doing rather than thinking too much ahead of time or worrying about any kind of external pressures,” Ponting said.

“The talent (in the Indian squad) cannot be doubted, but we should also not forget that World Cups are not easy to win. There are all the best players in the world together at the same time in different situations. So look there’s definitely a psychological element to it. The way you deal with pressure, the way you deal with pressure, the way you think in certain situations is the difference between winning and losing in a T20 game,” the 49-year-old added.

Recording and performance

Drawing on his experience as a two-time World Cup winning captain, Ponting emphasized the need for teams to peak at the right time, especially during the knockout stages of major tournaments. He emphasized the key role that good players play in shaping the team’s success, highlighting the ability of Australian teams to thrive during the critical stages of tournaments.

“One thing you know about the World Cup, you have to have your best players who play well at the right time. Australian teams play their best cricket after the tournament and they step up again at the right time in the big game,” Ponting concluded.

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