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Rohit Sharma’s thrilling take on Suryakumar Yadav’s catch lights up the Maharashtra state rally

At a celebration event held at the Maharashtra state assembly, the atmosphere was electrifying as cricket heroes were felicitated for their latest triumph ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024. The event saw Maharashtra CM Eknath Shinde congratulating the players and announcing a grand prize of INR 11 crores for the Mumbai-based world champions.

Maharashtra state assembly celebrates T20 World Cup victory with medals and prizes

Players love it Rohit Sharma, Suryakumar Yadav, Shivam Dubeagain Yashasvi Jaiswal, all citizens of Maharashtra, were present at the event. They received praise not only for their individual performances but also for bringing back the prestigious World Cup India.

In an emotional speech delivered in his mother tongue, Marathi, Rohit expressed gratitude and reflected on their journey to the top. “It was a dream to bring the World Cup back to India. We had won the Champions Trophy back in 2013. I am very thankful to the team, not just Shivam, Surya, and Yashasvi but everyone who is a part of this team.,” he said.

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Rohit Sharma’s light-hearted moment brings laughter and harmony

Amid the proceedings and applause, Rohit lifted the spirits with a funny anecdote about Surya’s amazing catch. David Miller. He joked, “After Surya caught the ball, he told me that it was lying in his hand. Thankfully, it worked. Otherwise, I would bench him for a long time.” This comment elicited laughter and highlighted the camaraderie between the group.

Suryakumar’s catch was a crucial moment in the final of the 2024 T20 World Cup, which turned the tide for India and ensured their victory.

Here is the video:

Rohit’s light-hearted comments not only acknowledged Suryakumar’s skill and composure under pressure but also brought a sense of gentleness to critical proceedings.

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