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Ryan Farrag beat Quaise Khademi on points in London

Ryan Farrag rises to #4 and Quaise Khademi drops to #5 on the Boxing News UK rankings after their fight at York Hall. our man, Eric Armithe watched the movement.

RYAN Farrag won the vacant Commonwealth title by unanimous decision over Quaise Khademi. Khademi brought great skill, and Farrag brought aggression and experience at the highest level.

Khademi punched the first but was the one who attacked the second time. Farrag was back in the hunt in the third, hitting inside rights and Khademi was under pressure throughout the fourth.

It was fast, Farrag’s work rate giving him the edge but Khademi put together a quick combination when he went forward and showed good defensive work. Indeed, there was not much between them, which made it difficult to score.

Pressure from Farrag saw Khademi’s performance deteriorate, and Farrag landed some devastating body punches. Khademi raised his career high in the ninth and 10th, but a right rocked him in the bottom of the 10th.

Khademi punched and went on in the 11th to blunt Farrag’s onslaught, but Farrag turned in a strong 12th to take the decision 115-113 (double) and 117-112 all for Farrag. Former European bantamweight champion Farrag was guided by Marcel Braithwaite to win the title in June last year. London-based Afghan fighter Khademi lost on points against Jackson Chauke for the vacant IBO flyweight title in January.

Records: Ryan Farrag, 23-5, 6 KO and Quaise Khademi, 10-4-2, 4 KOs.

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