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Ryan Garcia’s B Sample Revealed

Ryan Garcia’s B Sample Confirms Positive PED Test, Possible Standing what happened with the little star. The results of Garcia’s B sample reportedly came back positive for the banned PED substance Ostarine, which was the same as his A sample from his two tests last April in his victory over Devin Haney.

New York Commission on Hearings, Possible Consequences

Boxing analyst, Dan Rafael, reports on X that Ryan B’s sample was good after yesterday’s opening. The New York Commission will hold a hearing this summer to decide Ryan Garcia’s case.

At that point, Ryan could receive a suspension and a fine as his victory could be overturned. Haney wants to be given the win and Ryan to lose the fight, but we’ll have to see if that happens.

If Ryan’s 12-round decision victory is overturned in his fight with Haney on April 20 in New York, he could face the second loss of his career, a suspension that could last a year, meaning fans may not see Ryan in the ring. until the end of 2025 or 2026.

Garcia’s Fixed Response and Potential Boxing Losses

It is interesting that Ryan Garcia is not interested in the news of his B sample showing that he is optimistic, he takes the attitude that it is a loss of boxing if he is stopped and that he was destined to be tested.

Ryan is right. It will be a loss for boxing if he is given a long sentence because he is a famous player in the US, and since he is gone, it leaves a big hole that cannot be filled. Haney isn’t popular, and he won’t be because he has zero energy, holds back, and has no charisma.

His father, Bill Haney, speaks for Devin. When Devin says things, he usually puts his foot in his mouth by saying things that make him look bad.

Response from Ryan Garcia on social media:

“Let’s go, we have hope. Good vibes. Yes, I am very happy. I don’t care. I will never make money from boxing again. It’s your loss, not mine, for stopping me. Lol, joke on yall. I will swallow all the steroids.”

It’s bad for the fans if Ryan is suspended for a year or more. He is the most exciting, powerful fighter in the US, even more than Gervonta Davis. Having Ryan sidelined for a year or two would be bad for American boxing.

Haney’s promoter, Eddie Hearn, wants Ryan banned for life, which would end his boxer’s competitive streak. With Ryan banned forever, US fans may be more interested in watching Haney’s fights, and he likes that, given his low PPV numbers.

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