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Save $30 per club at Fairway Jockey

Buy new wedges – on sale now at Fairway Jockey.

The Fairway Jockey

If you are a player who appreciates responsive wedges, the Callaway Jaws model would be a good choice.

First introduced in 2022, the Jaws wedges feature a raw finish, which means they are not handled and bonded, and will eventually accumulate surface rust. But many players appreciate the feel, and if you often play in wet conditions, you will appreciate the increased spin.

Additionally, Jaws wedges feature Callaway’s Z Grind, which allows for better turf contact, less digging, and a more inward ball flight that promotes higher spin. The weight balance provides excellent feel and control.

The best news? For a limited time, Fairway Jockey is offering $30 off the regular retail price on Callaway Jaws wedges, so if you’re in the market for a short game upgrade, now’s the time to shop!

Buying your wedges from Fairway Jockey has other benefits as well. You can customize each wedge to your personal specifications, from color, loft and shaft to shaft flex, length, grip, loft and lie.

Check out the Callaway Jaws wedges for sale at Fairway Jockey below, then click the link to shop now. Editor

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