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Shane Baz of Fantasy Baseball

This is what I saw when Shane Baz it was ready to be hidden: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…and more as I count the months since the surgery. Are you counting September of 2022 because that’s when he had the surgery or do you start counting in October? Are you counting June 2024 because that’s when he returns? So, he has been with Tommy John for a long time. The Rays are disgusting, laws should be established to stop them from what they are doing with all their players, especially their pitchers. Who have tried to destroy it in the last two years? Drew Rasmussen, Taj Bradley, Shane McClanananananananananan, Baz, am I missing anyone else? Fairbanks? Of course, fight with him! Despite the radiation, Shane Baz will return and show why we thought he would be an ace in 2022. When guys start coming back from TJ, they tend to lack command, so if he’s not 100% when he comes back, it wouldn’t surprise me, or if he can’t throw more than 50 IP. My guess is that he will follow the Opener and gain in all leagues for two more months, and he should be back any day now. It was just [counting again] …17, 18, 19…do you count both Februarys as two months if one was a Vigilant Year? How do you count? A little help! Anyway, here are some players you can buy or sell this week in fantasy baseball:

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Francisco Alvarez – He could be the top three catcher in baseball from his return until the end of the year. dot dot. Then you look at what it means to be on the Mets, so you’re a top seven to ten catcher. However, that means that if Pete Alonso is close to a top seven starter and is traded, he becomes a top four starter. That’s Mets Math, as I was taught at Queens Community College.

Mitch Garver – The Mariners’ DH spot is Garver and Haniger, that’s one too many Mitches. A problem that sounds great in theory, but in practice it’s more of a headache than it’s worth. I am reminded of Michael J. Fox playing the iconoclast actor, Alex P. Keaton, when he has two days to prom and has to keep changing his ties. Eventually, you forget which tie is the tie, and confuse your Mitches.

Wilmer Flores – Once a year Wilmer Flores laments that he is important in a dream. Grab a tissue because Flores is crying.

Tyler Soderstrom – Isn’t it fun to get hot A’s hitters? Oh, you poor child, wait until you get to White Sux next!

Andrew Vaughn – Vaughn has been hot lately, so this isn’t exactly related to that, but it’s pretty funny when you look at the other guys’ old marks. Is Vaughn a 60-year-old prospect? Are you sure about that? Are you a 60 grade power tool? A 70 grade hit tool? Oh well!

Gavin Sheets – We’re going to do us all a favor, and instead of listing all of the White Sux hitters, because they’ve been hot, I’ll give you this extra tidbit from Vaughn. So, Spreadsheets, Lenyn Sosa, and Paul DeJong have also burned, that is, Colonel Mustard in 1917 Russia with a loose bowel!

Nick Gonzales – I usually give you the purchase of big pictures like lede, so NiGo was ignored. Burleson wishes he could find the light. You are my Pink Pony Club girls and you keep dancing! Sorry, I’m listening to Chappell Roan as the real Zoomer.

David Hamilton – I can’t believe I sold more on Hamilton than any other player in one of my leagues, then ditched him before he had a chance to become an everyday player. That’s right, Hamilton, I wasted my shot. And I need SBs in that league. A very stupid move by me, which brings me to another point. I like to think I play in competitive leagues, and you can make mistakes. I’m still in 3rd place in that league, and it’s my Main Event league. Okay, we’re bringing up this shy dog ​​story and saying that Hamilton has a lot of speed.

JP Crawford – It is appropriate that you come now. Just Peachy is in season.

Adael Amador – I have given you my tale of Adael Amador. It was written while announcing the AMA.

Donovan Solano – He hit .410 in May, when he took over for Bogaerts, and I’ve been meaning to mention him for a few weeks, but he’s also very boring. Then he homered twice on Wednesday and made it impossible for me to ignore him, even though he was hitting under-.200 in June, before. Chicks and Gray catch a long ball.

Jeimer Candelario – He can easily reach his previous season’s numbers: 22/8/.251. Oh, you thought his last season was better? Well then.

TJ Friedl – I will not rest until Friedl is 100% registered. This is my promise to you. [crowd cheers, banner behind me reads, “Convention for the World’s Least Consequential Promises”] Now, before I get off the stage, I apologize for the promise of free parking. [crowd turns in an instant, boos] It was out of my hands! “Yes, this is out of my hands!” [thrown tomato just misses head]

Heliot Ramos – He’s the best man in one of the leagues–[sees Patrick Bailey is batting 2nd and Matt Chapman is third]–uhh…one of the crimes of the league!

Alec Burleson – He makes weak contact, but he makes a lot of contact. If he could make less contact when chasing balls out of the zone, he would actually be better. Someone told the Cards to pass this on.

Mike Yastrzemski – If a guy is in this column, he can have a positive change in playing time or he shows up well in the 7-day Player Rating. Carl’s Jr. Jr. the last one is Carl’s Hr. Hr. recently. With that (Grey turns the ship!), Carl’s Jr. is really impressive. Jr. he managed to stay in the league for six years. His figures are very yawning, and very bad. Are you a child?

Chris Paddack – This is a Streamonator call, just like a call to a bank.

Spencer Arrighetti – This is also a Streamonator call. “Hey, I hope you can hear me, I’m holding my tongue in your ATM.”

John Schreiber – How long can the Royals, a real good team, go to McArthur without yelling, “Hey, maybe this guy is ugly.” Also, I’m hoping that Tanner Scott gets traded to the Royals and stays around. Unfortunately, it’s the last time I hope something is right before sitting down to see The Phantom Menace.

Jeff Hoffman – There’s not a lot of upside this week so I’m giving you a few guys who have been underwhelming all year that should be included in 100% of leagues but aren’t. No one can bother the Hoff!

Kade Smith – The grade was Class A Prime Cut. Top of the Class. Phase 1st all the way. With that said, Cade Smith has been just as good in middle relief.

Bryan Hudson – As some of you may have heard from the last podcast, and if you haven’t, why the eff aren’t you listening? Are you addicted to true crime? Those are real people who were killed you sicko! Any hoo! Hudson came in as a top 10 reliever in fantasy on Player Rater. Not just a top ten pick, but he was better than Josh Hader, Raisel Iglesias, Bednar–Well, a bunch of guys!

Sell ​​it

Randy Arozarena – Expected statistics are very wrong. xBA is dumb. It doesn’t make sense. Also, the Rice Bowl’s xBA is .208. Next to him at the bottom of the xBA is Eddie Rosario, whose xBA is .204. However, Rice’s SLG is .320 and Rosario’s is .362. The Rice Bowl was incredibly bad. It is like the rice fields are full of water and this year’s rice harvest is a sign that says: This Year Famine, Try Again Next Year. Rice is lost in some leagues, so asking you to sell him might be a ‘too little, too late’ situation, but maybe you can sell based on past years? I don’t know. Maybe you can sell the keeper for years to come. I wouldn’t trade Arozarena for a seat in the bleachers next to Zack Hample, but I would take a look at our Fantasy Baseball Trade Analyzer and explore the options.

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