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A week into free agency, the San Jose Sharks may be making a big move. They may be making some changes around the edges of their roster, but they have a few promising players already in their roster and want to give those skaters a look. However, the players they signed have a unique opportunity regarding their place at the Sharks. The franchise is apparently in the midst of an overhaul. Still, a strong draft added to the prospect pool and created hope that the team could finally be headed in the right direction after several seasons of sliding down the pecking order. While much expectation surrounds San Jose’s prospects, the team’s veterans — especially those acquired this offseason — have a chance to cement their place in franchise history. At the same time, the Sharks are reaping their rewards.

Sharks Are Getting Lots of Good Out of Newly Acquired Players

Even though the Sharks won’t be a playoff contender in 2024-25, they are actively looking to develop an NHL team for the first time in several seasons. They added a number of notable players to their roster through trades and free agency and had several reasons for doing so.

Tyler Toffoli, Winnipeg Jets (Jess Starr/Hockey Writers)

One of the most obvious explanations for their work was their desire to reach the cap floor. An increase in salary and multiple expiring contracts means the Sharks will have to spend a lot of money to get to the bottom of the league. They signed Alex Wennberg and Tyler Toffoli to expensive contracts, the biggest deal they’ve ever given to a new player at $24 million. A new team, and money tied up in acquisitions and salary retention, puts them over the line.

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However, more players can have meaningful effects on the ice. Even top prospects like Will Smith and newly signed Macklin Celebrini will need veteran help, and Toffoli and Wennberg can provide that. For example, Toffoli’s 55 points last season would have been second on the Sharks, and he will be asked to reach similar levels of offensive play in San Jose. While he will obviously help the team win games if he is able to do so, his ice time will shut down the younger players and ensure that they are not asked to do more offensive things in the growing stages of their games. Other new acquisitions like Wennberg and Barclay Goodrow don’t provide the same level of offense, but they can be relied on on defense and can be iced in key defensive situations, which will also give rookies like Celebrini and Smith a. a smooth transition to the NHL.

San Jose’s roster is full of young players who deserve NHL action, but it wouldn’t be fair to throw them into the league alone. They need insurance and support from veteran players, and from the Sharks’ perspective, that’s where Toffoli, Wennberg, Goodrow and others come in. They can be teachers and protectors for up-and-comers, give donations and help ease the burden on players entering the league.

Newly Discovered Sharks Get in on the Ground Floor

Playing for one of the weakest teams in the NHL isn’t easy, but the new Sharks actually have a lot to look forward to. The top players will be playing with Smith and Celebrini, and the opportunity to play with such exciting players at the beginning of their careers is something that many will not see. The blue line may not have any prospects currently projecting as stars either. However, the Sharks still have promising defensive players, and newly acquired Jake Walman should make the most of this opportunity to work with them.

While the next season or two will be tough, the veterans in question could add nicely to their careers if they can stick through the tough times. If they remain with the Sharks and are still on their roster when the team returns to the playoffs, they will be remembered as a group of veterans who put in the hard work and returned the Sharks to previous levels of success—and maybe. in high places if everything goes according to plan.

Not all of the Sharks’ veterans arrived in San Jose in free agency, like Toffoli and Wennberg. Others came in trades, like Walman and Carl Grundstrom, or were claimed off waivers, like Goodrow. But no matter how they arrived at the SAP center, they must accept their circumstances and look to become franchise heroes, benefiting their careers.

The Sharks’ Core Will Rely On Both Veterans And Youngsters

Any good NHL team succeeds because of a combination of reliable, productive veterans and strong, talented young players who have developed enough to contribute. The Sharks don’t have the balls to be a contender yet, but this year’s games and other offseason games show that they are on the right track. Starting this season and continuing for many after that, they will need experienced and young players to step up and increase their level of growth from theory to practical. For both the players who have been added this season and those who are already on the team, there is still a lot of work to be done, but they have established a flexible way where everyone can be rewarded for their efforts.

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