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Successfully Wild Episode 2169: Play Big, Windbigler

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about which 2023 shortstop winner (Diamondbacks or Rangers) is most likely to be back on track to return in October, explains (9:37) via story by Dick Windbigler , a rare striker who really did some damage. himself by pausing during the delivery (which includes an appearance by Dick’s widow, Melba Windbigler), then (30:04) answering listener emails about demands to see a game played in every MLB ballpark, funny MVP chants, to change. penalty for shift violations, as well as combining hits and outs, meets major leaguers (1:01:44) Ryan Loutos and Jacob Hurtubise, and Stat Blast (1:14:50) about less production hitting and more ( and posted text ).

Introduction to audio: Benny and the Billion Shetland Horses, “Effectively Wild Theme (Pedantic)”
Audio Outro: Andy Ellison, “Effectively Wild Theme”

Link to playoff changes
Link to 1973 Windbigler article
Link to the Windbigler HoF page
Link to the submission story
Link to obit
UT Martin baseball alumni link
Tune in to the delayed Mets game
Link to phantom players wiki
Link to Sam at NoPAPH
Link to EW for obscure prizes
Link to the shift violation
Link to play the disturbance call
Link to Call Sports Sports post
Link to Rogers’ tweet
Link to story on MLB’s answer
Link to audience email database
Link to new B-Ref debuts
Connect with WashU baseball alumni
Link to Loutos on FGA
Connect to for Loutos
Connect to MLBTR on Loutos
Link to Student Life in Loutos
Link to BA in Loutos
Connect with West Point baseball alumni
Link to Hurtubise FG interview
Link to Hurtubise article 1
Link to Hurtubise 2 article
Link to Hurtubise 3 article
Link to Hurtubise 4 article
Link to Hurtubise 5 article
Join the Cards waiting list
Link to Reds prospect list
Link to the Kyle Cripps Stat Blast cover
Connect to a low OPS drive
Link to Kenny Jackelen’s Twitter
Link to triple plays only
Connect to the slowest streaks
Link to ND’s longest follow-up
Connect to the longest BB + ND sequence
Connect to the Verdugo 1 clip
Link to the Verdugo 2 clip
Connect to the Verdugo 3 clip
Link to Elly’s clip
Link to the Adolis clip
A link to one team player post
Connect to the data of one group of players
Connect to Paine on revolving door groups
Link to TCU highlights
Link with Ben during PA changes
Connect to ballpark meeting forms
Link to the meeting planner form

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