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Successfully Wild Episode 2178: The Only Man Slams

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley answer listener emails about Kyle Schwarber pitching, teams paying their players not to do mid-game interviews, on the field, the phrase “World Series preview,” the team buying and keeping the website private of baseball’s most important public, a player who can hit nothing but grand slams, a player who plays well in every game he plays but is often injured, Justin Verlander’s Hall of Fame plaque, and what constitutes a “mate” (and real-time reaction I -Astros release José Abreu). Then (1:06:33) Ben meets major leaguers Daniel Schneemann and Jamie Westbrook and (1:17:58) briefly reacts to news about MLB targeting “perfect” umpire Pat Hoberg for gambling.

Introduction to audio: Nate Emerson, “Effectively Wild Theme”
Audio Outro: Ian H., “A Successful Wild Theme”

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