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T20 World Cup 2024: Demolition of New York’s Nassau County stadium begins; know the reason behind it

The Nassau County International Cricket Stadium in New York, built in a quick 106 days ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024, is now being dismantled. The program began following Wednesday’s game in the middle India and hosts United States (USA).

Quick build and imported social networks

In September 2023, the International Cricket Council (ICC) chose this stadium as the venue for the World Cup. Given the tight timeline, the ICC used entry points built in Adelaide, Australia. These grounds have always been a focus of the cricket community during the tournament.

Notably the same with pitch dynamics

Nassau County Stadium has hosted several important games:

  • India defended 119 points against Pakistan.
  • South Africa defeated Bangladesh when they defended 113.
  • Pakistan successfully chased down 107 against Canada.
  • India successfully completed the chase against the USA.

In eight games, the teams that hit first won three times, and the teams that chased won five times. The average first innings score was 108, India achieved a successful maximum chase of 111 for three against the USA. The highest total was 137 in seven for Canada against Ireland, which they successfully defended.

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Reason for Demolition

According to a Cricbuzz report, there were plans to host the show Major League Cricket (MLC) games on the field. But it didn’t happen as MLC officials and franchisees showed little interest. Although a cricket stadium may be built in the future, it is unlikely to be at this location. Not to mention, New York serves as home base Mumbai Indians group (MI NY) in MLC. The Ambani family, who own MI NY, are expected to build a new stadium soon.

Prospects for a new stadium

The demolition of the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium means the temporary end of its existence, but the possibility of a new permanent cricket stadium in New York remains. The involvement of prominent cricket stakeholders, such as the Ambanis, marks a significant development in the infrastructure of cricket in the region.

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