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T20 World Cup: Bangladesh’s Jaker Ali sneakily consults DRS dressing room without umpire noticing, video goes viral

In Bangladesh Jaker Ali he found himself at the center of controversy during his time the team’s encounter with Nepal in the ongoing 2024 T20 World Cup. A video clip has gone viral on social media, showing Ali seemingly demanding guidance in the dressing room before helping his teammates, Tanzim Hasan Sakibreview the LBW decision.

Jaker Ali clears controversy with DRS consultation

This incident happened in the 14th over of Bangladesh’s innings. A spinner from Nepal Sandeep Lamichhane sent a delivery that hit Sakib on the pads, prompting the umpire to raise his finger. As Sakib started to walk back to the stands, the cameras captured Ali heading towards the Bangladesh dugout. He then gestured to his partner, seemingly urging him to reconsider the decision, as the DRS timer was about to expire.

The field umpires were unaware of the potential infringement, and the review was taken accordingly.

Replays revealed that the ball missed the leg stump, leading to an overturned on-field decision. However, Tanzim’s redemption was short-lived, as the 21-year-old was dismissed by Lamichhane’s googly on the next delivery. But Ali’s action has sparked debate about the sport’s spirit.

Here is the video:

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The ICC rule for seeking help in the dressing room

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has strict guidelines regarding communication with players during DRS reviews. Players are only allowed to discuss dismissal with a directly participating teammate and cannot seek outside advice.

According to Article 3.2.3 of the tournament’s playing conditions, referees can reject a DRS call if they believe players have received input from outside the field. Article 2.15 of the ICC Code of Conduct also prohibits players from taking off-field help to decide reviews, with possible sanctions including suspension.

As the video went viral, fans expressed mixed reactions. Some believe that Ali’s move was a smart move, while others have criticized it as against the spirit of impartiality. The ICC is yet to comment on this incident, but it is certain that Ali and Tanzim must face Level 3 charges if they are found guilty of breaking the law.

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