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Tampa Bay Lightning Reacquired Ryan McDonagh

We have an announcement to make the day before the Conference Finals begin in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The Tampa Bay Lightning are re-acquiring defenseman Ryan McDonagh from the Nashville Predators.

The Lightning receive McDonagh and a 2024 fourth-round pick in exchange for a 2025 second-round pick and a 2024 seventh-round pick.

The Tampa Bay Lightning will be a team to watch this summer thanks to free agent Steven Stamkos. Stamkos is expected to be offered a new contract. In addition, defender Victor Hedman will be extended a new contract.

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McDonagh’s purchase makes summer even more interesting, especially around lightning. The Predators are not saving money on McDonagh’s $6.75 million salary cap. It’s been two years since his wedding.

However, the Predators have an average salary cap of $5.55 million this season and $6.55 million over the next two seasons for Matt Duchene’s buyout.

The Lightning now have just over $5 million in cap space, and Stamkos needs a new deal. There is no rush in the eyes of Lightning GM Julien BriseBois to sign Hedman. Stamkos is the best.

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The Predators did a great job with these assignments.

Marco D’Amico: The Nashville Predators paid the price for Philippe Myers, Grant Mishmash, and a 4th-round pick to hire Ryan McDonaugh. Then they got the 2nd + 7th for their problem.

Raptors GM Barry Trotz: “This trade adds to our already deep roster with two NHL draft picks and allows us to continue making tweaks and improvements to our team during the offseason. We want to make decisions that help us build on the success we had in the 2023-24 season by giving us as many weapons as we can get, whether it’s young players on our roster, high-impact draft picks or salary cap flexibility.”

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The Predators are spending about $7 million in salary over the next two years on a player who will turn 35 and has an injury history.

However, McDonagh did it for the Predators in the 23-24 season. He was also a key member of the Stanley Cup Championship teams in 2020 and 2021.

All eyes will be on what Nyazi and the Predators do this coming season.

Even though the Stanley Cup Playoffs are still underway, the offseason has begun until the end of the league.

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