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Tank Davis Rolls into Frank Martin with an explosive knockout

Written by: Sean Crose

Tank Davis proved once again on Saturday that he is one of the most explosive and exciting people in the fight game. Against the talented Frank Martin, Davis remained ready for some challenging rounds to wear down his man in the eighth round in knockout reel fashion. It was, without a doubt, a classic Tank Davis moment.

The opening round saw each man have his moments. It wasn’t too explosive, but it was hard to decide who got the best during the chapter. Davis did what Davis was known for in the second, which was putting pressure on his opponent. However, Martin was unsuccessful. Of course, he looked good. It was early, however, and Davis was a popular starter. Martin’s big score told a third story. Davis got off to a good start in fourth place.

Still, Martin had a good five on him, not allowing David to do the damage Davis wanted to do. Still, Davis was able to put his man on the ropes in sixth place, which wasn’t good news for Martin. At seven o’clock, Davis beat Martin. A explosive left from Davis in the eighth put Martin down and out. It wasn’t easy, but Davis was able to overcome a tough opponent with his confidence and resounding strength.

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