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The BCCI has never spoken to anyone who has worked in Australia on the Indian coaching staff, Jay Shah said

BCCI secretary Jay Shah on Friday rubbished allegations that the board had spoken to any Australian cricketer who would become India’s next coach. He pointed out that Rahul Dravid, who has replaced Rahul Dravid, can be an Indian because he must have a deep understanding of the structure of this game in this country.

“Neither I nor the BCCI have approached any Australian cricketer for coaching,” Shah said in a statement. “The reports being circulated in certain sections of the media are completely wrong.”

Both Ponting and Langer have been involved in the IPL as head coaches of Delhi Capitals and Lucknow Super Giants respectively. Gautam Gambhir, who is now coaching Kolkata Knight Riders, has heard from the BCCI about the job, while Chennai Super Kings coach Stephen Fleming is also being linked.

“Finding the right coach for our national team is a careful and thorough process,” said Shah. “We are focused on identifying people who have deep knowledge of the structure of Indian cricket and have moved up the ranks.”

The BCCI secretary also said that having an in-depth knowledge of Indian domestic cricket will be one of the key criteria for appointing the next coach. He said understanding will be important “to take Team India to the next level.”

Ponting said on Thursday that he was asked to take on this role but he refused because it did not fit “with the way he lives” at the moment.

“I’ve seen a lot of reports about it,” Ponting said ICC review. “Usually these things come up on social media and you don’t know about it, but there were a few one-on-one conversations during the IPL, just to get a level of interest from me as to what I’m going to do.”

“I would like to be the head coach of the national team, but with other things that I have in my life and wanting to have less time at home… I will not be able to be involved with the IPL team, so it will take you out of it as well.”

Taking the India coaching job meant he spent 10-11 months away from home but Ponting said his family seemed to be waiting for him.

“…I whispered to my son about it, I said, ‘Dad’s been given the job of coaching the Indians’ and he said, ‘Take it, Dad, we’d like to move there for the next couple. years,'” Ponting said. “They really like being here and the culture of cricket in India, but at the moment it probably doesn’t quite fit into my lifestyle.”

Meanwhile, Langer, who was non-committal about applying to be the India coach after the IPL clash between LSG and Mumbai Indians, said he will “never say no” but at the same time revealed that he gets valuable advice from LSG captain KL Rahul.

“It can be an amazing job. I also know it’s an all-encompassing role, and I’ve done it for four years with the Australian team, honestly, it’s exhausting,” Langer said on the BBC’s Stumped Podcast. “And that’s an Australian job. You never say it. And the pressure to do it in India… I was talking to KL Rahul and he said, ‘You know, if you think there’s pressure and politics in an IPL team, multiply that a thousand times, (which is) coaching India.

“It would be a great job, but not for me yet.”

Shah described the position of India coach as “the most prestigious job” in international cricket and said it required a high level of expertise.

“When we talk about international cricket, there is no more prestigious role than being the coach of the Indian cricket team,” he said. “Team India commands a huge fan base around the world, enjoying truly unparalleled support. Our rich history, passion for the game makes this one of the most rewarding jobs in the world.

“The role requires a high level of training as one will nurture the best cricketers in the world and a chain of talented cricketers to follow. Satisfying the aspirations of billions of fans is a great honor and BCCI will select the right person, who can take Indian cricket forward.”

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