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The Calgary Flames continue to rebuild

The Calgary Flames continue their rebuild under General Manager Craig Conroy as they sent goaltender Jacob Markstrom to the New Jersey Devils for a top-10 protected first-round pick in 2025 and defenseman Kevin Bahl.

NHL Trade: Calgary Flames Finally Send Jacob Markstrom to New Jersey Devils

New Jersey and Calgary have been trade partners in the past with the trade of Tyler Toffoli and Yegor Sharangovich. However, Conroy continues his work to make this team smaller and has done an excellent job of acquiring assets for players who no longer want to be in Calgary.

It started with Nikita Zadorov, Elias Lindholm, Chris Tanev, and Jacob Markstrom.

As TSN Director of Scouting Craig Button said on SportsCenter with Jay Onrait, Conroy has found the goods of a player who dominates the market, as well as draft picks and players who can help the Flames move forward.

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Jay Onrait: “You talked about what the Flames would get if the 2025 top-10 pick Craig was protected, I know that’s going to be a solid draft. So, if they decide to kick it down the road, it would be in 2026. All in all, you know, you mentioned the no-movement clause which is obviously a factor, but are you happy with what Craig Conroy got to replace the goalkeeper?”

Craig Button: “Yeah, I’m going to go two ways here. Jay. The first place, you know, the new stadium is coming to Calgary for the start of the 28th season. And I think if you look at the moves that Craig Conroy made with his unrestricted free agents, getting a draft pick in the 25th and getting a draft pick in the 26th, it really continues to point to the opening of a new building where these players are going to be. three and four years in their careers from the collection and, you know, setting up your team to be in a space where you can compete and be ready to go in and play in a new arena.

That’s number one. The second one, and this is always interesting to me, you know when I hear, and I heard this about Chris Tanev, the Calgary Flames under Chris Tanev. Do you really think, Jay, that Craig Conroy turned down a first-round draft pick and regular-season player Chris Tanev? Do you really think there was a better deal for Jacob Markstrom, considering he had a no-move clause?

NHL Rumors: Flames GM Craig Conroy Continues to Get Value for His Players

There wasn’t, and the fact that people got out there and said everything they were selling, about Chris Tanev. Oh, this is not good for Jacob Markstrom. This is a marketplace. And Craig Conroy understands the marketplace. And he made a compelling deal not only to understand the market place but also to understand where their team is and where they want to be when that new platform opens.

So I would say that since the defense team is built in many different ways with many types of players, that will be an area of ​​strength. They have good young players up front, and as you just pointed out, they have a lot of draft picks and a lot of opportunities to add more talent to the roster through the draft.”

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