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The Celtics are the only team this season that has been able to enter three Conference Finals

After ending their semifinal series against Cleveland last weekend with a 113-98 win in Game 6, Boston is more confident than ever in its ability to fight for the NBA title, as they have been able to enter the Eastern Conference Finals for the third year in a row. This is the only team this season that has achieved this, which gives them more momentum towards the competition.

Despite some fans suggesting that the Celtics were only able to beat the Cavaliers because Donovan Mitchell was injured, it’s important to note that they played the entire series without starter Kristaps Porzingis, who is still recovering from a calf strain.

Jayson Tatum, who will be making his fifth trip to the ECF, believes they deserve to be there. “People might think it’s a given that we should be here,” the All-Star said. “I highly recommend everyone in the office, the coaching staff, the coaches, the service guys, the football guys, the chefs, the cooks, the security team. We are all in this together.”

Boston’s offense has been exceptional in these playoffs, especially as his rebounding numbers are up from 8.1 per contest in the regular season. The 26-year-old has averaged 24.2 points and 10.4 rebounds per game so far.

Throughout this campaign, the Celtics game has stood out for playing as a team and leaving personality at home. “We understand what we can do as individuals,” Tatum explained.

The star then added: “Each night brings different challenges and we are ready and up to the task of doing whatever it takes because we both know how to do everything on the basketball court.”

Currently, the best record in the NBA has won its last three games, and none other than the Pacers will face the Knicks this Sunday in another semifinal Game 7. The first contest will be this Tuesday at 5pm (ET ) at TD Garden.

Tatum explained why the strength of the locker room has been his biggest motivation as they hope to win Boston’s first title in 15 years.

The five-year All-Star recently admitted that when he saw Al Horford pump up the crowd and chase down loose balls at age 37, he felt more motivated to give his team another run. On the other hand, the veteran said he was just responding to the energy given to him by Massachusetts fans.

“It is important when you are here in the Garden. It’s something I don’t take lightly,” said Horford. “I felt more connected to them tonight. … There were only a few moments that I wanted to hug at that time.”

Despite losing Porzingis, Al said the team is confident whenever Tatum and Brown lead the team. “No matter what is thrown at them, the things people want to talk about, be criticized, our boys continue to work. They continue to think about what is best for our team,” he said. “This year that was very clear.”

However, the veteran also praised his coach Joe Mazzella who said he found his voice in this campaign. “Just as the leader of our team. We’re following him,” Horford said. “He wants a lot from us. And we are there. We connect. And we know we still have a ways to go.”

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