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The Dallas Stars and the Toronto Maple Leafs

Dallas Stars Free Agent Storylines, Including Joe Pavelski

Lia Assimakopoulos of The Dallas News: Assimakopoulos writes that the Dallas Stars season is over, and the focus is on the offseason and what the team will do with pending free agents.

Joe Pavelski didn’t officially retire from the NHL on the day the Stars cleaned out the locker room, but the 18-year veteran feels like this past season was his last.

Attention then turns to free agents Matt Duchene and Chris Tanev. Tanev was acquired from the Calgary Flames at the NHL Trade deadline. Tanev has been a good fit in the backfield, and the Stars want to re-sign him. But it will cost them even if the salary cap goes up.

After Nashville bought him out of his contract, Matt Duchene was signed as a free agent. Duchene played well in the Stars’ third line, coming up with big goals in the playoffs. He was playing at $3 million AAV. The question will be, does he take the same contract to stay?

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Where Can The Maple Leafs Trade Mitch Marner?

Matt Larkin of the Daily Faceoff: Larkin writes that all eyes will be on the Toronto Maple Leafs and what they are doing with Mitch Marner. Again, Marner has the right to say he doesn’t want to leave as that comes with his no-movement clause.

But with William Nylander and Auston Matthews signing new deals and captain John Tavares remaining with the Leafs, Marner is the odd man out. If the Maple Leafs were to trade him, Larkin looks at six trade spots.

The Buffalo Sabres-The Sabers are decked out and ready to take the next step. Adding a player like Marner could get them back into the playoffs, but would the Leafs want to trade him mid-season, and what would the cost be to the Sabres?

Carolina Hurricanes – Carolina makes sense because they stay on a contending team, and this could be the type of player the Hurricanes need to get back to the Stanley Cup Final. However, the cost of acquiring Marner and if they could sign him to an extension could be an issue.

Chicago Blackhawks-This makes sense because he can play with Connor Bedard, and the Blackhawks have room to sign him to an extension. The problem may be that Chicago won’t be a good team for long. Does Marner want to take a step back?

The Detroit Red Wings – This makes sense because of what GM Steve Yzerman is building in Detroit. The core of the players is Marner’s age and is another elite Wings player. But does Yzerman want to give up his precious chances for Marner, and would he want to sign him long-term? Also, it’s a rival team for the Leafs.

Nashville Predators – This makes sense because the Leafs, as reported by, could trade Marner for goalie Juuse Saros. But do the Predators want to give up on Saros, and does Marner fit their plan?

Seattle Kraken – Seattle can make sense because they need to score goals. The best five-for-five scoring team in 2023 lost the most goals last year in free agency. They have room to do it, but again, does Seattle have the prospects and players to make the trade work?

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Utah Hockey Club –The new Utah Hockey Club has money and can make a spectacle of this free agency. They have the assets to make the deal work, which would be a dramatic shift in the scene.

Again, it all comes down to Marner and his willingness to leave Toronto.

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