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This is what this NFL tight end quickly learned about the golf swing

Trey McBride was thrilled when the Arizona Cardinals drafted him two years ago, but not because it was the start of his NFL career. Now he was in the desert, which meant he could take up golf in his spare time – at least when he wasn’t off to a good start.

Only a few years into the game, McBride, this week’s guest on GOLF’s Subpar podcast, says his handicap ranges from about 10 to 15, and is currently 12.

“He is new to this game. He’s one of those guys, give him a little time to see that,” said producer Drew Stoltz. “The raw materials are there, they need reps, they need to play.”

What did McBride learn while playing golf for a while? It’s easy to do.

“I’ve been swinging hard and I’m like, as big as I am, I don’t need to swing hard,” said McBride, who is 6-foot-4, 240 pounds. “I have to let the club do the work and lower my swing and let the ball go until it lands. That’s what I’m seeing for the first time and I can control the ball a little bit. It’s been a lot of fun lately.”

Another staunch ally of Subpar management said McBride could learn from him? The star of the Chiefs, Travis Kelce, who they say is swinging at about 80% but still hits a mile and has a solid game even though he doesn’t play much.

“He’s legitimately strong,” Stoltz said. “His golf swing is good for a guy who I don’t think plays a ton, but if he wants to…”

You can check out the full interview with McBride below, where he breaks down growing up as an athlete of the year in Colorado, life in the NFL, the best tight ends in football and more.

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