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Usyk’s Coach Protests Referee’s Action That Stopped Eight Counts Outrage

Oleksandr Usyk’s boxer Russ Anber feels referee Mark Nelson should not have stopped the fight in the ninth round to give Tyson Fury eight stoppage points after suffering an injury last Saturday night in Riyadh.

Usyk Rejects Possible Knockout

Russ notes that Fury bounced off the fence six different times in the ninth trying to get away from Usyk. Why is the last time different from the previous five that the referee stops the game and gives a standing eight count? Fury was using the ropes strategically to avoid being taken out.

Anber says Usyk (22-0, 14 KOs) should have been allowed to “finish the job” by knocking out Fury (34-1-1, 24 KOs) who was in trouble after being hit with 20 unanswered shots in the ninth.

The reason the referee gave Fury the title is because the ropes are holding him. Anber says that when Fury was injured, he jumped on the ropes, trying to save himself, but he was not caught by them. He was using ropes to avoid being beaten.

That’s Fury’s defensive strategy of leaning on the ropes, holding on to the ropes, and using a long frame to put his head out of his opponents’ reach.

The referee’s role in the question

“No, I don’t think it should have been stopped. I don’t think a goal should have been scored,” said Usyk’s coach Russ Ander on Boxing King Media, referring to the referee awarding Tyson Fury eight standing points in the ninth.

“I think Usyk should have been able to finish the job because he was harassing him, he forced him to leave,” Anber went on to say that Fury was injured in the ninth place and the referee stepped in, stopped the game and gave him eight points, which gave the King of Gypsies time to recover.

“You have a choice to stop the fight or let Usyk finish the job. That’s what they tell you in the dressing room. ‘If you are in trouble, put your knee down because I have no choice but to stop the fight.’

Fury’s defense techniques

“This business was held by the ropes. Well, it’s a square ring, right? If you bounce and save yourself, of course, you will fall on the ropes. That’s what you have to do.”

Anber feels that Fury’s actions were deliberate, and tactical moves after being injured. Fury had a habit of using ropes to his advantage in battles to avoid getting hit. Because of this, the standing figure eight was the right call for the referee.

“You have to understand this. If you are dropped and your hand is tied under the ropes and prevent you from falling. You’re out, you can’t come down,” said Anber.

“You’re stuck in a place where you can’t go down. Yes, it is, but it wasn’t. He [Fury] he jumped the ropes six different times. Why was the last one different? He should have been allowed to finish or stop the fight,” said Anber about the referee who needed to stop the match in the ninth or stop the fight so that Syk could win by knockout.

“If he can’t defend himself, stop the fight. There is no static figure eight,” said Anber.

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