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Utah Hockey Club Unveils First Brand, Colors, and Jerseys – Hockey Writers – NHL Utah

NHL Utah has officially unveiled its logos and jerseys for its upcoming inaugural season after Ryan Smith and his entertainment team officially closed a deal with the league to bring NHL hockey to Utah on Thursday. The team was officially named the “Utah Hockey Club”, although this was only temporary as fans could vote on six options for a new name.

Sales Revealed

The Utah Hockey Club will be using three primary colors, all honoring the state of Utah. The main color is rock black which represents the darkness of night in the mountains and the volcanic rock in the deserts of Utah. The white salt is an homage to the famous salt flats and the snow and blue mountain represent Utah’s rich winter sports history and clear skies more than 230 days a year.

Smith and his ownership group expect the colors to stick with the franchise past the first season. Of course, it will probably depend on what the group chooses as its official name. Fans have the option to vote for the Outlaws, Yeti, Mammoth, Venom, Blizzard, and Hockey Club until voting closes on June 20. The official name, logo, and logo will be revealed before the 2025-26 season.

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“Today is a monumental day for the state of Utah as we officially close on the launch of a new NHL franchise,” Utah Hockey Club owner Ryan Smith said in a statement. “The NHL has been incredibly active throughout this process, providing us with valuable guidance and support. We have a lot of work to do – training camp starts in less than 100 days – and we couldn’t be more excited about what’s to come.”

The Utah Hockey Club’s colors coincide with the NBA’s Utah Jazz rebrand as well, providing some overlap between Smith’s two sports teams. The Jazz had announced last week that they would be returning to their famous jersey production using the same black, white, and blue and purple color scheme of the new NHL team.

Logo Reveal

The logos were also unveiled by the Utah Hockey Club. The team will have four logos and a wordmark logo.

The first logo is a basic round logo that uses all three new colors that the team unveiled. Utah is written in the dark center of the rock while the Hockey Club is written in white salt. All three words are placed on top of the blue circle. It seems that this will be the group’s main logo as their social media accounts use it as their profile picture.

Utah Hockey Club logos (Image courtesy of Utah Hockey Club Twitter)

The second logo is a black outline of the Utah state rock and the team uses its other two colors to write its name across the logo. The last two logos are basic wordmarks in squares.

Jersey Reveal

Finally, the Utah Hockey Club released two of its jerseys for its first season in Utah. Their primary jersey will be black with Utah written evenly across the jersey. Rock black is the main color with salt white and blue stripes on the sleeves, waist, and collar.

Their away jersey will be salt white with Utah spelled out in reverse on the front of the jersey, this time in rock black outlined by mountain blue. Rock black and mountain blue stripes also take up the sleeves and waist while the collar is powder blue.

This is also being considered for the jersey of the Fanatics fans as they are about to take the jersey of the league next season. They look very similar to the way Adidas made the jersey with one small change which is the Fanatics branding on the inside of the collar.

Utah Hockey Club Jerseys
Utah Hockey Club Jerseys (Photo courtesy of Utah Hockey Club)

In addition to all the disclosures, the team created social media accounts on all platforms. This gives the team its own identity on social media as the Delta Center and Smith’s social media accounts have been releasing much of the team’s content until Thursday.

“On behalf of the Board of Governors, I am pleased to officially welcome Utah to the National Hockey League,” NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said in a statement Thursday. “Congratulations to Ryan and Ashley Smith, their entire organization, the state of Utah and the fans as the Club continues its exciting march toward the puck drop in October.”

Merch will roll out at the Utah Hockey Club’s draft party on June 28 at the Delta Center. That day will likely be the first time we see the jerseys in person as the team makes its first draft pick in franchise history. The jerseys will be available for purchase in the fall, closer to the team’s first season in the league.

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