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WATCH: Airline baggage handlers snap golf bags casually tossing them around

Delta Air Lines has apologized following a video showing its employees mishandling golf bags.

Flight attendants are seen throwing what are clearly golf bags, and therefore likely containing clubs, onto the tarmac of the runway.

This unacceptable handling has been called out for what it is and the airline has apologized.

The Tennessee University men’s golf team filmed their bags being abused and brought it to the attention of the airline.

Delta told the reporter that the airline is discussing the incident.

“We apologize to the ETSU Golf team and ask for detailed information about how their equipment was handled,” Delta spokesman Anthony Black said in an emailed statement. “We are in direct contact with the Bucs to make sure they have what it takes to compete in the NCAAs.”

Unifi representatives also apologized to the group.

“The manner in which baggage is handled is inconsistent with our training and policies,” said a Unifi spokesperson in an emailed statement. “We are investigating and intend to take appropriate action.”

This incident has angered many golfers on social media.

“Delta Just telling people to contact baggage handlers is not enough,” one user said on X. “You have to talk about this openly and accept that it’s not acceptable.”

“Delta DOES NOT ACCEPT YOU! Why was there silence? And you know this is not classified,” said another user on X.

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