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When you should consider buying a complete set of clubs

Buying a set of golf clubs has distinct advantages over buying individual clubs for many beginners.

Consider these factors when deciding whether individual clubs or complete sets are right for you.


Club sets will usually cost a lot less than buying individual clubs.

Buying new clubs individually is often more expensive due to the high quality of the materials and construction of the club and the ability to make precise adjustments to certain club features at the time of purchase such as, loft, lie angle, grip, shaft length, and shaft. weight.

Complete golf club sets typically range in price from about $399 to $1,399 depending on the number of clubs included.


While a complete set of golf clubs can’t be custom-made, if you’re a new golfer eager to get out on the course, they include everything you need to start playing.

Loft Gapping

When purchasing individual golf clubs, you must ensure that your set is properly weighted. Every golf club in your bag has a loft and that determines how far you can hit your shot.

For example, you wouldn’t want a 5 wood and a 3 hybrid with the same loft (and the same ball flight). Furthermore, having two wedges with only one or two degrees of loft between them is not ideal when it comes to loft-gapping.

Complete golf club sets have high spacing to ensure you have a club for every distance.

The box set contains no fewer than 14 clubs and gives you the option to add clubs with different lofts if you decide it’s time to upgrade.

Don’t be afraid to gradually change from a full set by removing clubs from the set and adding new ones as you find your needs better.

Skill Level

Complete golf club sets designed to serve the beginner, occasional golfer, or high handicap golfer.

As a result, the clubs in the set are generally more forgiving, offer more slice adjustment, and have higher launch characteristics.

Full sets are also a good option for younger players. Mini golf club sets usually have a few clubs. These are suitable for smaller golfers based on the height of the player.

More experienced golfers who want to take their game to the next level may reach the ceiling of performance with the technicality and detail of a set of golf clubs.

Low handicap players may prefer to purchase individual clubs to fine-tune their game with specific golf clubs designed to suit their unique needs.


The ability to customize clubs is where complete sets reach certain limits.

While you will likely have a choice between specific shaft materials and flexes when purchasing a complete set of golf clubs there won’t be as many options for additional customization.

You can find other sets that are offered for taller or shorter golfers.

When buying individual clubs, it makes sense that you can customize each one.

More advanced golfers find that this level of customization helps their game improve when all they need to do is tune up.

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