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Golf Business News – PGA donates £40,000 to Golf Foundation

The Professional Golfers’ Association has underlined its continued support of young people’s programs and the work of the Golf Foundation by donating £40,000 to the national organisation.

PGA CEO Robert Maxfield presented a check to Youth Ambassadors Kennedy Murphy and Olivia Whittle (pictured above) during their recent visit to PGA headquarters at the Belfry.

Kennedy and Olivia are among 23 such young volunteers who are helping to deliver the Golf Foundation/England Golf Junior Strategy, where PGA Professionals play a key role in growing the game and supporting the wellbeing of young people across a range of programmes.

Maxfield said: “We are delighted to maintain our support and long-standing relationship with the Golf Foundation which began more than 70 years ago when it was founded by one of the PGA’s most distinguished members, Sir Henry Cotton. Sir Henry, a three-time Open Championship winner and former PGA Captain, was keen to introduce children from all walks of life to golf and since then thousands have taken up the sport.

“In doing this, many have been helped by PGA professionals who have encouraged and followed the Golf Foundation’s high-quality programs to make Sir Henry’s dream a reality. May our meeting continue.”

Importantly, PGA Professionals are at the heart of the Golf Foundation’s support of golf clubs, including a core number known as Golf Roots Centers. The Foundation’s seven Regional Development Officers have the expertise to help create a program tailored to the needs of each of these golf clubs to encourage more young people to start and stay in the game.

This includes direct support and flexibility for PGA Professionals to grow their junior divisions and welcome more families into club life, thus making a greater impact on their surrounding community with the opportunity to grow their business.

In accepting the donation, the Foundation’s Head of Development Martin Crowder said there has never been a better time for PGA professionals to work with the Golf Foundation team.

Martin said: “This donation from the PGA is very much appreciated. The PGA has been a valued partner of our charity for many years and we rely on the support of its members to encourage more young people to take full advantage of our sport.

“We all recognize that a young person’s experience being coached by a PGA Professional at the club level can be fundamental in helping them develop a lifelong love of golf. It’s great for our team to support golf clubs and their PGA Professionals to inspire more kids from all backgrounds, and help them succeed in enjoying golf. This shared vision remains vital if we want to continue to find new audiences for our sport.”

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