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Travis Head is happy to limit franchise cricket to T20 by focusing on Tests

Travis Head may have won this year’s IPL, but he would like to limit his participation in T20 leagues to just two events a year and prioritize Test cricket.

“This was the first year for me in the IPL in a long time (since 2017),” Head told PTI. “I’m going to put all my eggs in the Test basket for now, I’ll continue to do that.”

Despite being a sought-after T20 star, the 30-year-old seems to be choosy about how he fits the franchise’s league obligations into his schedule, while putting Tests first.

“After the Tests, I will choose the forms, see what are the different ways I can be selected,” said Head. “For now, I would like to come back here [the] IPL next year. As I will play Major League Cricket [in the USA] this year just after the World T20 [T20 World Cup] but next year may look very different.

“Each year, you prioritize what you can do and what you can’t do. Next year, Test cricket is here, we tour the West Indies and I probably won’t play in many other franchises.”

“Look, in a few years when I’m done with Test cricket, there will probably be a few opportunities to play franchise cricket. But this time, I’ll try to limit it to a few franchises.[s] maybe, too [focus on] Check out the cricket.”

Despite coming off a busy 10 months where he had to overcome a hand injury that jeopardized his place in the ODI World Cup and a brief absence from the T20 World Cup following the IPL, Head is not wanting to do anything about it. workload management.

“I will be home in a few days when we are done with the IPL. Be home for two-three days and take a trip to the West Indies with the family and start afresh.

“Look, we’re very lucky to be doing what we’re doing and I’m not going to do it forever. So [we] we try to make the most of it as possible, we are lucky to be well taken care of.”

“I know in a few years, I can retire and do nothing, I’ll have a lot of time to look back and wish I was back on tour, I’d like to be in this moment, keep hitting and stay in the moment, I’m enjoying this moment.”

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