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Insider Told Golden Knights Open to Big Trade Package for Marner – Hockey Writers – Toronto Maple Leafs

It should come as no surprise to hear that the Vegas Golden Knights may be dipping their toes into the waters of a Mitch Marner trade. A team that often makes big headlines and surrounds nearly every major player available on the trade market, the Golden Knights are notorious for sneaking in and making deals at the last minute.

Sportsnet and NHL insider Elliotte Friedman reports that some of his sources suggest the Golden Knights are at it again, considering putting together a trade package and offering it to the Toronto Maple Leafs. Nothing has been confirmed and no trade package has been presented, but recent reports are that the Maple Leafs will only take something from Marner if another team puts together an offer worth considering.

The one rumored to be Vegas may be eligible. Our own Peter Baracchini took a closer look at the two players in a column at the end of May. He proposed this type of trade more than two weeks ago.

What Is The Rumored Package From The Golden Knights?

Friedman was a guest on the Leafs Morning Take and said “a lot of people suspect Vegas will be there because Vegas is smart, he’s as close to any good player.” He adds, “So I’ve got people thinking Shea Theodore, Logan Thompson is working with me.”

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One of Vegas’ top defensemen and returning star goaltender Marner is a good start and answers some questions for the Maple Leafs.

And, when you consider that many players rank Vegas as one of the best places to play, Marner may not be opposed to that idea. He gets his money, it’s tax-free, he’ll be on the roster, and he’s got star players around him so he can’t be expected to do his best.

What Could Be The Problem With This Commercial?

Assuming Marner would consider something like this and the Leafs would be open to trades centered on Theordore and Thompson, there are a few problems. First, both Theodore and Thompson are free agents at the end of next season. Both UFAs are pending and Toronto is not sure if they will stick around. It would make sense for the Leafs to want to negotiate a contract with both before giving away their biggest trade asset in years without some sort of guarantee.

Second, is that enough? Will there need to be other additions such as draft picks being traded? The Leafs may have to add a third contract back to the deal. Theodore and Thompson’s combined cap hit is just over $6 million, while Marner, even before his extension, is $10.9 billion.

Mitch Marner, Toronto Maple Leafs (Jess Starr/Hockey Writers)

Vegas will run out of cap space quickly and with reports they would like to re-sign Jonathan Marchessault, and with many other contracts needing attention, Vegas will need to move more money.

Ultimately, Marner’s first priority is staying with the Leafs. Rumors suggest he may be open to considering his options but he’s not at that stage yet and probably won’t be for long. How long does an active team like Vegas wait to make a move if they tend to use big free agents or like to work in the NHL Draft? Chances are that Marner opens up the idea to Vegas doesn’t happen before then, if at all.

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