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NHL Rumors: Carolina Hurricanes Need to Make Some Decisions Soon

Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek of 32 Thoughts: The Podcast – Attrition Comes to the Edmonton piece for the Carolina Hurricanes who have to make some big decisions here very quickly.

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Marek: “Okay, so here’s the situation for Eric Tulsky. His biggest decisions for the Carolina Hurricanes. We talked a lot about Martin Necas. We talked a lot about, oh, look before CapFriendly disappeared, and we’ll talk about that later, how many defenders they had, they don’t have a sign for next season.

There seem to be many decisions here for Tulsky to face. Like, do you have a pecking order for any of them? Do you have a matchup, let’s do Carolina Hurricanes triage here. Okay, this is Tulsky, Tulsky triage. Your Eric Tulsky, which patient do you see first?

Friedman: “Well, I think you have to look, I think they were looking at Jeff, they have to deal with the UFAs first. And I think they were looking at (Brett) Pesce, (Brady) Skjei, (Jalen) Chatfield, all those guys.

As they realize they have to do business as fast as possible. And I think they were getting close to it. And I think they’ve been holding back Necas a little bit, but I heard that over the weekend, that Necas stuff picked up a little bit.

I heard you know, a couple of guys were telling me that, I think at first Carolina looked like, worst comes to worst they can bring Necas back next year. I think that feeling is like smoothness. I think there is an understanding that, well Necas has not said anything publicly, privately, I think he has made it clear that he would like to continue.

So, now they have some time because they probably don’t have to do that until the draft if they don’t want to, in terms of, you know what they might benefit from. But, you know, a couple of guys have told me that they think that Carolina has shown teams, either they have what we need, or they don’t have what we want.

And what other teams have told me is that they wonder if there will be any of these teams that Carolina first told, you don’t have what we want, they can make a three-way deal and try to get you. What does Carolina want if they want Necas?

So I think that started a little over the weekend. “

Marek: “Exciting time ahead for the Carolina Hurricanes. Jump in Eric Tulsky, there’s no dipping your toe in the water here, you’ll be off the diving tower.”

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