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MLBTR Podcast: Injured Astros, Odds of Bad Teams Increase in 2025 and Beyond

The latest episode of the MLB Trade Rumors Podcast is now live on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and wherever you get your podcasts! Be sure to subscribe too! You can also use the player at this link to listen, if you don’t use Spotify or Apple for podcasts.

This week, host Darragh McDonald is joined by Anthony Franco of MLB Trade Rumors to discuss…

  • I The Astros lost several players to injuries but general manager Dana Brown insists they will be limited buyers (0:45)
  • With several teams out of contention, the signs point to a seller’s market at the last minute (7:20).

Plus, we answer your questions, including…

  • Of the five worst teams right now (Athletics, Angels, White Sox, Marlins again The Rockies), who many need to complete their farm plan and who can change things in 2025? (11:20)
  • I The guards they need a strong right-hander. Who is the target? (20:40)
  • Is the Marlins trying to trade Jesus Luzardo again Jazz Chisholm Jr.? (24:30)
  • You see Alex Anthopoulos of The brave ones trying to find out Kevin Gausman from the Blue Jays? (28:35)
  • How will it work i Red be on deadline? (32:15)
  • You should The Dodgers benefit Javier Baez from the Tigers and move Mookie Betts return to an external location and/or option Gavin Lux? (35:40)

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The podcast’s intro and outro track “So Long” is provided courtesy of the band Showoff. Check out their Facebook page here!

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