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Nations Release Robert Gsellman – MLB Trade Rumors

The Nationals put out their right hand Robert Gsellmanaccording to Talk Nats on X. The righty has been pitching for Triple-A Rochester but is now a free agent and can be signed by any club.

Sellman, 30, signed a minor league contract with the Nats at the start of the season and has been playing a swing role for the Red Wings. He threw 36 innings in 17 games, including four starts. Unfortunately, he has allowed 35 earned runs in that span, resulting in an 8.75 earned run average.

That’s obviously not good and led to the Nats going forward, but the numbers below suggest he wasn’t that bad. His 20.1% strikeout rate and 11.2% walk rate were both low, but not by much, while his 45.6% groundball rate was decent. But his .373 batting average on balls in play and 49.7% slugging percentage were both far on the unlucky side, which is why his 4.83 FIP with the Red Wings was actually average.

Gsellman has 366 innings of major league experience, mostly with the Mets but more recently with the Cubs. During that time, he has a 4.60 ERA, an 18% strikeout rate, a 7.8% walk rate and a 48.3% groundball average.

Aside from the ERA, his Triple-A stats this year were very close to his previous career. Given that many teams across the league are dealing with a growing number of injuries, it is possible that other clubs who see him as an up-and-coming guy could sign him to another major league contract.

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