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Successfully Wild Episode 2180: Passing the Torch to the Greatest Gamer Alive

Ben Lindbergh, Rany Jazayerli, and Neil Paine discuss the death of Willie Mays, Mays as the last legendary link to a bygone era, Mays’ stats as the greatest player and greatest player of all time, the moment in major league history, and (36:45) the new greatest living baseball player , and (46:02) who argues with Kansas about courting the Royals for public funding and (50:38) the Royals and Mets’ competitive streaks. And then (1:01:08) Ben brings up the Stat Blast reporter every now and then Ryan Nelson Blasts about teams moving closer to .500, pitchers replacing pitchers with last names, umpire ejection combos, multiple players with the same name in the same game, and Alex Verdugo’s minions.

Introduction to audio: Jonathan Crymes, “Effectively Wild Theme”
Audio Outro: Jimmy Kramer, “Effectively Wild Theme”

Link to article by Rany Mays
Link to Neil’s Mays article
Link to FG’s May obit
Link to Mays’ statement
Consult Manfred’s statement in May
Link to Carig in May
Link to Mays’ downgrade
Link to EW 1927 May
Link to Mays story of stumbling block 1
Link to Mays stumble story 2
Liaise with MPI leaders for B-Ref activities
Link with Ben for competitive quality
Link to Posnanski on GLP
Link to EW 2161 on public funds
Link to Kansas financial information
Link to deMause in Kansas funding
Link to run on wiki below
Connect to the FG playoffs
Link to BP opportunities to play
Connect to BaseRuns status
Link to the Grimace explainer
Connect with Neil on the real talent team
Link to Neil on Witt and Brett
Link to Neil’s Substack
Connect to the Podracing podcast
Connect to the Kauffman Corner podcast
Link to Mike Conte’s Stat Blast cover
Link to the Wolf of Wall Street quote
Link to Langs on .500 teams
Link with Ben on .500 teams
Contact the .500/Ryne Stat Blast teams
Link to the Kelly/Alexander match
Connect to Retrosheet release data
Connect to Stat Blast data for extraction
Link to the output graph with G
Connect to the SABR on the release
Link to Evers wiki
Link to “Baseball’s Sad Lexicon”
Connect to the game “Luis”
Connect to Bob Emergency
Connect to data of similar names
Link to swimmer David Young
Contact the grassroots leaders of 2024
Connect with the grassroots leaders of 2021-4
Connect with the grassroots leaders of 2019-24
Connect to ballpark meeting forms
Link to the meeting planner form

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