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NHL Rumors: Toronto Maple Leafs May Target Two UFA Defensemen

Leafs Morning Take: Elliotte Friedman on Leafs Morning Take along with Nick Alberga and Jay Rosehill on the Toronto Maple Leafs potential free agent targets. The Leafs could be after two UFA defensemen.

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Alberga: “Lastly, just to wrap up, just to meet. Your latest on Bertuzzi and Domi and who do you think they’re going to target for him and free agency again?”

Friedman: AD(case). I think they are, as I think some of the guys they like. I think they like Zadorov. I think they like Tanev. I think they like Montour. I think, maybe there are a few other guys that I miss.”

Alberga: “(Brett) Pesce.”

Friedman: “Pesce, yes I think so.”

Alberga: “(Sean) Walker.”

Friedman: “Walker. Yes. I think they like all these guys.

And like, I told the guys that the Leafs are going to try to get two of these guys. Now Zadorov I think it is possible that he will come to the market but I think there will be competition.

Tanev, I know Dallas wants to try to keep him but I heard the offers will be high. People in Ottawa are looking to see if Ottawa can do something for Tanev. So I think it’s going to be a big thing.

You know, there was a time this year when I thought Montour was going to hit the market. While I’m at it, there’s a lot of noise being made down here that Florida is going to try to find a way to keep him. I don’t think that will be easy, but I think they will try.

Walker will be of great interest. Pesce, Pesce wanted six times, which Carolina did not want to do. I think they were more comfortable in the five by five range.

But you know, I’ve had people say to me, they think Toronto is going to go out and try to get two really good defensemen on the UFA market and they’re going to be a force when it comes to some of those names. “

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