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WATCH: Bryson DeChambeau makes a remarkable recovery with a chip in for birdie

Bryson DeChambeau made a remarkable recovery from a birdie on the 18th in his opening round at the US Open.

He missed the fairway with his drive but was close enough to hit his second shot onto the green only to see it roll again.

The unforgiving greens at Pinehurst look like they may be looking for another victim.

However, DeChambeau has shown that he is more than just a power play.

He chipped in smartly to finish his round with a birdie.

DeChambeau has excelled in an environment where mishit shots and bad decisions rarely go unpunished.

He made 15 greens in regulation, hit 12 of 14 fairways (a 336-yard average), and his short game showed up, helping him earn a 2.23 stroke average around the green. At the end of the round, DeChambeau admitted to feeling mentally drained.

“I would say from a mental fatigue standpoint, this was probably the hardest I’ve been in a long, long, long time,” he said. “I can’t remember the last time I mentally pushed myself to focus on hitting the greens instead of looking for flags.”

The American golf star insists he tries to take less risk in his game these days.

“I feel like I’m more strategic than I used to be,” he said earlier in the week. “I’m not a risk taker. I take risks. I like to take risks. But there are times for it. I feel like as time goes on, I realize when that time is and when I shouldn’t go, when it doesn’t make sense.

“Yeah, it stinks to hit a 6 iron compared to the driver,” he said Tuesday. “But sometimes you’ve got to do it and you’ve got to make the right decision by taking the low points here.

“If I get my irons on the green and I just play boring golf, that’s my goal this week to try to play as boring golf as possible.”

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