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This 2-club exercise will quickly improve your posture

Stop struggling with your backswing and balance by using this simple 2-club drill to get the right swing width.

Welcome to Shaving Strokes, the series where we share the progress, lessons learned and takeaways from novice golfers like you — including the speed bumps and challenges they’ve faced along the way.

If there’s one thing I always struggle with in my golf swing, it’s my swing.

Maybe it’s the former baseball player in me – where I needed to use a quick movement in the batter’s box to hit a swing – but whenever I stand over the ball, I’m very quick in my changeup as I start to get affected. This often results in my hands tracking, the clubface pulling and opening, resulting in me shooting too much to the right (as a right-handed player).

In today's Golfer-to-Golfer, we analyze the golf swing sequence of GOLF Instruction Editor Nick Dimengo, with tips from Lucas Wald.

My golf streak is over. Here’s how I fix it


Nick Dimengo

Sure, some of the problems can be cured by simply slowing down and focusing on my swing, but after taking a lesson with GOLF Top 100 teacher Joe Plecker, there was an even easier fix: my foot position.

In the video below, Plecker analyzes where my feet are at address, and shows how the 2-club cross drill can determine their ideal width – creating more depth in the swing and backswing for better shot results. Check it out and try it yourself.

Use 2 clubs to determine where the feet are in the golf swing

Until I took this lesson from Plecker, I never thought twice about where my feet should be in a turn. I just set up on the ball, keep them shoulder width apart and swing.

But Plecker gave me the hard truth after seeing just one shot from me.

“I see something in the way your feet are standing here,” she said. “[How you currently are] too small, and your toes point forward.”

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Many beginners use their lead foot incorrectly in the golf swing. Here’s how to fix it


Nick Dimengo

My first thought? How hell have i played golf for almost 30 years and this simple issue has never been fixed? After facing that reality, Plecker moved on — and eventually helped cure the problem.

“I’m going to take two golf clubs and I’m going to cross them. Now put your left foot there, and then put your right foot on the other side,” he told me. “Put the handle down [of the club you’re holding] in your lap, and try to turn until you are like that [on the ground].”

The image below shows how this should look.

Plecker shows me how improving the width of my feet can help my circulation.

When I tried it for the first time, it was a struggle to connect the holes because the area where my feet were standing was very small. This is where Plecker made some adjustments to widen my stance to create more depth in my backstroke.

“Make your stance a little wider, open your right knee and foot out, and now turn back,” he said. “It [has to feel] a little easier, and your right foot [the trail foot] sit down.”

Plecker then asked me to take a new stance and hit another drive, which produced an incredible result, I bombed it 260 yards down the middle.

“That’s how you should do it,” he said. “Whenever your feet land on a different surface, you’ll feel a slight roll or turn or some other kind of exit. But this is a good program to test your posture and test your pivot.”

So if you’re like me and often struggle with your swing, try these 2-club drills before your next round to smooth things out and get a feel for what your pivot should be like. Better shots should follow soon.

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