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In this week’s postbag, I delve into a possible extension of the Tarik Skubalpotential fits for Ivan Herrera and Alex Verdugo, and many other trade-related questions.

Kevin asks:

Is a short term extension possible? Tarik will make about 30 million in settlements in 2025 and 2026. What if Detroit gives him 100 million in 2025/26/27 and 28? A little delay of two years for Tarik but money in hand and a manageable price for Detroit. Thoughts?

Skubal, perhaps the current favorite for the AL Cy Young award, turns 28 in November. As Kevin mentioned, the lefty has two more years of arbitration eligibility before hitting free agency before his age 30 season.

Skubal is a Boras client, but there’s a reason he’s considering locking in a big payday now. His 2022 season ended on August 1 due to something called arm inflammation and then “left arm fatigue.” He went on to have flexor tendon surgery on August 17 of that year. As a result, Skubal’s 2023 debut was on July 4, and he brought back a different pitcher. He averaged 94.29 miles per hour on his four-seam fastball in 2022, and after returning from surgery the following year, that jumped to 95.81. He started throwing his four-seamers and his strike rate jumped, turning Skubal into one of the best bowlers in the game.

This year, Skubal’s fastball velocity increased significantly, reaching 96.99 mph. As of June 19, it is at 97.47. A lot Jacob deGrom-like fashion, Skubal is now throwing a full three mph faster than before his surgery.

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