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Virat Kohli is yet to arrive as India begin training in New York ahead of the T20 World Cup

Most of the Indian team members had their first practice session after arriving in New York City ahead of the 2024 T20 World Cup on Tuesday at a local facility. Virat Kohli is the only one who has not arrived in New York, and there may be doubts about India’s only warm-up game before the big tournament, against Bangladesh on June 1 at the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium. There has been no update on his tour status from BCCI till now.

The team went to New York in groups, the players of the teams who were released after the IPL 2024 stage were the best, except for Hardik Pandya, who arrived after the break, followed by players during and after their teams were eliminated from the play-offs.

Soham Desai, the strength and conditioning coach of the team gave an overview of the approach followed by the players, all of whom have been part of the IPL 2024 for the past few months and are ready to get ready for the match. “We’re on our way here, the idea was just to get used to the time zone,” he said in a video posted by the BCCI on social media.

“We haven’t played cricket yet. We came here to do team work today,” said Jasprit Bumrah. “Hopefully it will be good. The weather is really good. So we are looking forward.”

The players warmed up, ran, did strength training, and exercised with football.

“They have been away from us for two and a half months [the national team setup]. Just bringing them together so that they know where they stand, what needs to be done before the World Cup is the goal,” Desai said about Tuesday’s meeting.[The] the goal is to spend 45 minutes to an hour there in the park to go again.

“We want to see them move, we want to see them run so that we can put enough plans in place so that each boy is ready for the first game.

Hardik, who took a short break after the IPL before joining the team, seemed excited about playing in a new part of the world, talking about the “good vibe”, while Ravindra Jadeja expected “a lot of fun, amazing. “, and Suryakumar Yadav heard the first day out was “amazing”.

India’s first match in the World Cup will be on June 5, where they will face Ireland, followed by the group stage where they will face Pakistan on June 9, the USA on June 12, and Canada on June 15. The first three matches will be played in New York and the last in Lauderhill, Florida.

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